Benefits of Joining Us

  • Industry Experienced Leaders with Proven Success Methods
  • Helpful Team with a Special Culture
  • Exciting Atmosphere and Environment
  • Effective Support and Trainings
  • Simple and Duplicable System (S4S)
  • Excellent Business-Building Tools
  • Huge Overseas network to support your Overseas partners


Words of Wisdom

In Relationship Marketing, there’s a saying:

Beginners look for Compensation Plan;
Veterans look for Company; and
Experts look for Team and Culture.

In Relationship Marketing you are in business for yourself, not by yourself.  TeamSEACRET is having massive success because of the unique culture we possess.  Our team knows the more we can help others to become leaders and realize their dreams the more our own dreams come true.  Our leadership is available to guide and assist you as you advance through the leadership ranks.

TeamSEACRET is a unified team and the right one for your success.  Fondly referred to as the “Pink Team”, we are a team of people with strong leadership and heart.  Our team stands out because of the number of Agents advancing through the ranks, and the number of Agents earning the “Drive Your Dream” bonus.  This bonus, in addition to the rank advancement and other bonuses, allows people to put this money to whatever drives their dream.  As of right now this is the number of Agents we have in the leadership positions that earn this bonus:

  • 1 Red Diamond
  • 1 Blue Diamond
  • 5 Diamond
  • 3 Ruby
  • 27 Platinum
  • 9 Gold
  • 65 Silver
  • 70 Royale