Team Conduct

TeamSEACRET, and its agents, are in alignment with the Code of Ethics outlined by Seacret Direct. TeamSEACRET agents will not condone activities of agents that violate Seacret Directs’ Code of Ethics. TeamSEACRET, as an organization, does not permit any activity that fails to stand the closest possible public scrutiny.

Code of Conduct:

The TeamSEACRET members, we pledge high standards in serving each other and as ambassadors to Seacret Directs’ worldwide community.

  1. I hereby acknowledge my accountability to TeamSEACRET, for which I am a member in good standing, will adhere to the highest professional standards in my Seacret Direct business and personal relationships.
  2. I shall personally maintain the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct in all my business relationships with customers, other team members and the public.
  3. I pledge to protect the integrity of TeamSEACRET and it’s members to the utmost of my ability.
  4. I shall not knowingly participate in actions or practices that will violate TeamSEACRET’s established community. Such as; Gossiping, Cross-line communication and training, Cross recruiting, Promotion of products goods and services from other network marketing companies within the community of TeamSEACRET. Fraternization within TeamSEACRET.
  5. I acknowledge my role as a leader and will always be accountable for my personal actions as a leader.
  6. As a leader in TeamSEACRET, I will attend team events and be professional at these events by actively participating appropriately.
  7. I pledge my efforts to assure that all activities stated above are conducted in accordance with the highest standards.
  8. I pledge to cooperate fully in furthering the efforts of TeamSEACRET, an intricate member of Seacret Direct, to become the team that will lead as professionals worldwide.