Why Relationship Marketing


The Wave of the Future

“Wave of the Future; Relationship Marketing.” National University of Singapore Society Graduate Magazine – Aug 2001 Issue

“Relationship Marketing has come of age. It’s undeniable that it’s a viable way to entrepreneurship and independence for millions of people.” Stephen R. Covey –Author of the best-selling book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

“Never before has it been so easy to become rich…. The Relationship Marketing industry offers a ready-made business system to anyone wanting to take control of their financial future.” Robert T. Kiyosaki – Author of the best-selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad


Business is Booming

“Downsizing, Home-Based Businesses, Cocooning, High-Tech with High-Touch, Residual Income — Hallmarks of How the World Will Be Working Tomorrow”

What are you doing about your family’s financial future?

Have you ever considered being your own boss?

Do you keep your business options open?

These are pressing questions millions of men and women are asking today as they try to navigate the stormy seas of our rapidly changing working world.

The problem is clear…

Is there a practical, affordable, timely solution?

One thing is for sure, the 90’s heir apparent to the waning franchise phenomenon, Relationship Marketing is booming!  With over 18 million distributors in the United States alone and 1 in every 10 households involved, it is clearly a viable business model for people who want to earn a few hundred extra dollars each month as well as people who want to become top money earners and all of those in between the two.

Experts say the potential tax advantages of self-employment alone make even a part-time Relationship Marketing career worth your serious investigation.

Whether as a customer, investor or an active home-based entrepreneur, within the next few short years, you and everyone you know will be participating in Relationship Marketing, Direct Sales. The men and women (and their families) who achieve the greatest benefits will be those who own their own Relationship Marketing business.

Business is booming!

And clearly, this is just the beginning — Michael S. Clouse, Senior Editor, Upline Magazine
“Direct Selling is offered in more than 140 countries.  Direct selling has grown more than 91% in the last 10 years” – Attorney Jeffery Babner – Author of the book “Network Marketing what you need to know”