Why Seacret




The company was founded in 2005 in Phoenix, Arizona and is a fully stable, debt-free company.  SEACRET is a well-known International brand developed over 11 years ago; the products have been sold in over 40 countries with a record 1 billion dollars in sales reached in 2013.


The over 100 million people born between 1946 to 1965 are referred as “Baby Boomers.” 10,000 of these people are turning 65 every day; the trend is expected to continue for the next 19 years. They are strong purchasers of products that help them live healthier and look younger. SEACRET is ready to assist you in meeting the needs of consumers with high quality skin care and nutritional products. You may already know the anti-aging market is growing every year, it has grown faster than the automotive industry across the globe.

3. Natural Dead Sea Minerals Combined with Leading-Edge Technology

Created by nature, perfected by science, proven by consumers, SEACRET products are made from natural minerals from the Dead Sea, natural plant extracts and essential oils.  For over 5,000 years the Dead Sea has been known for its mystical healing abilities and natural beauty enhancing benefits.  These minerals combined with the most advanced technology can help to regenerate skin cells to keep our skin healthy and reduce the signs of aging.

Seacret products give quick results; they are natural, safe and convenient for our fast paced life.  SEACRET has met all the criteria to comply with the U.S. government.


SEACRET has participated in the U.S. market since 2005 being sold retail in Kiosks in US/International shopping centers reporting sales of more than 500 million dollars. In 2011, SEACRET completely switched their way of doing business to Relationship Marketing and achieved sales of over 1 billion dollars in just three years. SEACRET has overcome all the challenges of a young direct sales company by developing strong leadership, we have seen and will see many more 6 and 7 figure earners in SEACRET.


As an independent business owner in SEACRET, Agents have the opportunity to be trained by the world ‘s top leaders who are specialist in the fields of anti-aging, health and Relationship Marketing to help expand their business. SEACRET products combined with its turnkey system for success opens the door for Agents to have success solidified in a short time.


With 5 different ways to earn money, the SEACRET compensation plan is structured to allow Agents to generate income from a few hundred dollars a month to a few million dollars a year.  Product Sales, Preferred Customer Program, Team Commissions, Leadership Check Match, Performance Bonuses, there is something for Agents of every level.  All of this and SEACRET provides opportunities to earn additional bonuses and opportunities to qualify for exotic trips.


The Ben Shabat family who settled in America in 1999 owns SEACRET, their journey is an American success story.  After starting several small business’ SEACRET was founded in 2005. In a very short time, they built a brand of Dead Sea skin care products that expanded to over 40 countries, creating a business opportunity for tens of thousands of people around the world to achieve financial freedom.

In their move from traditional retail to direct sales SEACRET laid the groundwork for worldwide expansion, and a chance to build a legacy company.  The Ben Shabat family takes the SEACRET community very seriously and is committed to helping anyone who is willing to do the work to achieve their dreams of being a business owner and making their families’ dreams come true.